#1022: lou reed - coney island baby (live, 1984)

"you start thinking again about all those things that you’ve done, and who it was, and what it was, and all the different things you made, but remember that the city is a funny place, something like a circus, or a sewer, and just remember different people have peculiar tastes, and the glory of love, the glory of love, might see you through."

Community Post: Lydia Lunch's Seven Most Moody And Broody Boyfriends

Community Post: Lydia Lunch's Seven Most Moody And Broody Boyfriends

I made a list of Lydia Lunch’s Seven Most Moody and Broody Boyfriends:

Community Post: 7 Outlaw Scumfucs

   My list of 7 Outlaw Scumfucs is up on BuzzFeed! Please link, and share!

7 Outlaw Scumfucs

For the 21st Anniversary of the death of G.G Allin today, I made a list of 7 Outlaw Scumfucs:


I made a list of 7 Unique Internet Personalities

13 Things All Creepy Writer Men Do | Thought Catalog

I made a list!

"Pretty girls often make graves in order to hide and get away from the Creepy Writer Man who is making them uncomfortable…."

The Ballad of Johnny Waxman


A story I wrote about friendship, young love, and cutting is up here: http://www.paragraphline.com/2014/05/05/the-ballad-of-johnny-waxman-by-fiona-helmsley/#respond

Living Through This: Twenty Years of Courtney Love Love

I wrote an essay about my life in Courtney Love, and her influence. It’s up at The Fix.

You can hear me read my poem, “Vagaries” here:


'Vagaries' (for B.R)
by Fiona Helmsley

When you have to run your dishwasher three times in order to get the plates clean,
You should probably just do them by hand.
I bought my child Flintstone vitamins,
Then ate them all, like candy.
In the same way that Picasso had his Blue Period, then later, his Black Period,
I will have my Vindictive Period.
It’s a brave new world, with brave new reasons to rage.
I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by marriage,
Sexless, soul-sucking, jealous.
The vagaries of youth transition to the vulgarities of age.
I don’t believe in the day or the night, I just believe in the morning.
I want to die like Lou Reed
On the birthday of Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath.